Thursday, April 28, 2016

Hoi An & Seoul - A Pictorial Tour - Part 1

No time to write, but I wanted to publish some pictures from my recent travels to Vietnam and Korea. They speak mostly for themselves.  The ruins that I visited represent 4-14 century treasures of "My Son" that you can easily Wikipedia.  Yes, those are symbols of female and male organs.  These pics were taken by my iphone; part 2 comes from tour guide camera to follow.

Japanese Bridge in Hoi An (16th century)

Entrance to "My Son"

Dancing with my favorite Filipino singer from the Palm Beach Hotel

The famous "Y" from Bebe Tailor who has fitted all of my
clothes and for other friends

Now in Seoul Gwangiang open market

Nami Island

Need some of these signs for the Honolulu Club

All dressed up Filipino tourists at palace

Another famous outdoor market where I ate noodles for the 3rd day in a row

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